Best of #RolandMartinUnfiltered

Best of #RolandMartinUnfiltered

Best of #RolandMartinUnfiltered

Best of #RolandMartinUnfiltered
  • #BestOfRMU: Black MSNBC reporter assailed; Axios hit for HBCU 'identity crisis'

    #BestOfRMU: Crazy a$$ man runs up on Black MSNBC reporter; Roland SMACKS Axios for HBCU 'identity crisis' piece; Man who led anti-mask protests in the name of "freedom" dies Of COVID; Podcaster Joe Rogan gets COVID, takes horse drug; #BlackStarNetwork app unveiled

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  • #RMU 07.22.21

    7.22.21 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: Brothers rally for voting rights on Capitol Hill; Biden town hall reactions; AG Garland to visit Chicago to address gun violence; Lindsey Graham says GOP should ditch DC to block the $3.5T infrastructure bill; We'll take a look at the Environmental Justice for All...

  • #BestOfRMU 06.25.2021

    #BestOfRMU: Roland roasts Maher; Trooper tases 'suspicious' teen; Gov. Kemp has to choose between Juneteenth and confederate holidays; Sen. Ron Johnson run out of Juneteenth event; Deputy kicks man in the head during arrest; Manchin/Sinema unwilling to defend Black Votes

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  • #BestOfRMU: Black clergy rip Loeffler; Black doc dies of COVID

    BestOfRMU: Black clergy rip Loeffler; Black doc dies of COVID; Trumpers target Black family in TX

    #BestOfRMU: Black pastors blast Loeffler for attacks on Warnock, Black church, Black doc dies of COVID after alleging racist treatment at the hospital treating her; Trumpers target a Black family in...

  • #BestOfRMU_ Man rips rioters; Real hero_ Eugene Goodman; Siege was too easy; Domestic terror threat (1)

  • #BestOfRMU: Trump incites Capitol insurrection; SoHo Karen

    #BestOfRMU: Trump incites Capitol insurrection; SoHo Karen; Black atty arrested for dashiki in court

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  • #BestOfRMU: Man rips rioters; Real hero: Eugene Goodman; Siege was too easy

    #BestOfRMU: Man snaps on "f*ing pathetic" "coward" insurrectionists; Real hero Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman led rioters away from Senators; Roland says Franklin Graham and his ilk will do anything to protect Trump; Former Capitol cop says siege was "too easy"; Black law enforcement harsh...

  • #BestOfRMU: Rep. Greene's tears; Chloe Bailey body image drama

    #BestOfRMU: Rep. Greene's tears and cheap grace; Chloe Bailey body image drama; Ted Cruz is an a$$ for holding up vote on U.N. Amb. appointee Linda Thomas-Greenfield; Former CBS O&O freelancer speaks out; Cops pepper spray 9-year-old + The stench of Trump and his ilk's corruption in the White H...

  • #BestOfRMU: Rumble w/ Black Repub over racism at CBS; No pardons for rioters

    #BestOfRMU: Roland rumbles w/ Black Repub over racism at CBS; Rioters thought Trump would pardon they a$$; Black clergy mull split with Southern Baptist Convention; SHAMEFUL: Black media ONLY gets 1% Of Fed Media $$$

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  • #BestOfRMU: Riotous Trumpers expected pardons; Blacks rescue democracy again

    #BestOfRMU: Riotous Trumpers expected pardons; Black rescues American democracy again; MAGA tears 💦

    #BestOfRMU: Rioting Trumpers thought he would pardon them; Black rescues America again; Crazy A$$ Womam prays to Jesus after bagel shop no mask arrest; MAGA tears flow like a river; VP Kamala Harr...

  • #BestOfRMU: NYPD deputy's racist posts; Charges in Quawan Bobby Charles case

    #BestOfRMU: NYPD deputy fired for hundreds of racist posts; Charges in the Quawan "Bobby" Charles case; Accomplice senators decide Trump's fate in second impeachment trial; Dr. Rachael calls out "toxic' environment on 'The Doctors'; COVID relief budget resolution passes; AG Barr nixed Derek Chau...

  • #BestOfRMU: Karen attacks Black kid over iPhone; Racist KO'ed

    #BestOfRMU: Karen attacks Black kid over iPhone; Crazy a$$ racist gets KO'ed with a can a Twisted Tea; Call it what it is ... white domestic terrorism; Jamal Bryant tells Black church you can't sit on the sidelines in Georgia runoff; Trump floats the idea that he won't leave on Jan. 20th, Roland ...

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