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The Marketplace sponsored by Verizon

The Marketplace sponsored by Verizon
  • The Breakfast Klub Founder Talks Surviving Uncertainty Amid COVID Pandemic

    Around 60 percent of new restaurants fail within the first year and about 80-percent shutter before their fifth anniversary. Those stats are pre-Covid.

    Some reports estimate upwards of 16,000 eateries had to shut down due to the pandemic permanently.

    And it looks like we could be heading for ...

  • After COVID Shut His Night Club Down, He Opened A Grocery Store

    The pandemic caused many businesses to shut their doors.

    One Houston entrepreneur had to find a different way to survive. So when his club closed, he opened a grocery store.

    District Market Green Grocer is the first black-owned grocery store in Houston, Texas.
    Joining us now, is the owner, Rob...

  • Femly Fighting To End Menstrual Inequality

    In this week's edition of The Marketplace, we highlight Femly, a Black woman-owned company fighting to end menstrual inequality and provide organic and eco-friendly menstruation products.

    Femly also pays it forward by stocking restrooms nationwide with their personal care products.

    The founder ...

  • LAYD Spaces Owner Talks Entrepreneurial Journey To Create Unique Event Venues

    In this week's installment of The Marketplace, sponsored by Verizon, we're highlighting a Dallas, Texas, entrepreneur who provides posh spaces for the who's who of the city.

    Layllen Sawyerr, the owner of LAYD Space in Dallas, which stands for Live All Your Dreams spoke with Roland about her unc...

  • Conquer The Digital World Intentionally

    Do you need help branding your business? My next guest has everything you need to help you compete in the marketplace with her marketing boutique, The Adaobi Group.

    Roland Martin recently spoke with Ciara Adaobi, the Managing Member of The Adaobi Group about how to take your business to higher ...