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Watch this video and more on Black Star Network

#TheFrequency w/ Dee Barnes

The Poetess SPEAKS! #TheFrequency w/ Dee Barnes


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  • #TheFrequency w/ Dee Barnes S1 E9

    7.20.2023 #TheFrequency w/ Dee Barnes: Rae Dawn Chong drops truth bombs on Hollywood, shares details about her childhood

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  • #TheFrequency w/ Dee Barnes

    #TheFrequency w/ Dee Barnes: The 'Ride Or Die Chick' And The DAMAGING Stereotype Of The Strong Black Woman

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    #TheFrequency w/ Dee Barnes: Megan Thee Stallion, Misogynoir & victimization of Black women when subjects of violence|#TheFrequency

    Misogynoir: Why Are Black Women Victimized Twice When Subjects Of Violence + Exposing The Mistreatment Of Megan Thee Stallion During The Tony Lanez Trial