#ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey

#ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey

5 Episodes

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#ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey
  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E9

    Episode 1

    11.17.2022 #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | Assessment: Are you REALLY ready??? | S1 E9

    Stephanie Humphrey talks with Jonathan Sprinkles who is an award-winning speaker, TV personality, award-winning coach, author and founder of The Connection Lab about how to assess where you are in your lif...

  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E7

    Episode 2

    8.9.2022 #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | Balance: Can we really have it all? | S1 E7

    Lloyd Freeman, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney explains how he manages his busy life and maintains a work-life balance

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  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E3

    Episode 3

    7.12.2022 #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey: The plan ... Do you have one laid out to facilitate the monumental changes you are looking to make in your life?

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  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E2

    Episode 4

    Feeling a little iffy about the direction you're going in life or about your next professional move? Well we all get that feeling now and again. In this week's episode of #ThePivot, Stephanie Humphrey talks with Dr. Brandi Baldwin, CEO of Millennial Ventures Holdings about overcoming uncertainty ...

  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E1

    Episode 5

    Series premiere of #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey

    Dr. George James talks about how your vision and mindset can help you pivot and take your life in a new exciting direction.

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