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#TheCulture w/ Farajii May 24, 2022

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    5.23.2022 #TheCulture w/ Farajii: Binden in Asia; Abrams says Georgia is worst the state; Inflation hits Black America; Are more racist attacks on the horizon?; Exotic Pop taps into the culture; Mattel diversifies, John Legend gets political

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  • #TheCulture w/ Farajii May 20, 2022

    #TheCulture w/ Farajii May 20, 2022

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  • #TheCulture Farajii May 19, 2022

    5.19.2022 #TheCulture w/ Farajii: Buffalo shooter indicted; House Passes domestic terror bill; Hood Huggers rebuilding ‘Affrilachia’; Celebrating The Birth of Malcolm X; 911 dispatcher may be fired over handling of Buffalo shooting call; Mark Cuban said he's in favor of Biden's proposal to cancel...