#ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey

#ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey

#ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey
  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E9

    11.17.2022 #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | Assessment: Are you REALLY ready??? | S1 E9

    Stephanie Humphrey talks with Jonathan Sprinkles who is an award-winning speaker, TV personality, award-winning coach, author and founder of The Connection Lab about how to assess where you are in your lif...

  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E8 - Part 1

    8.16.2022 #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey: Lia Valencia Key talks support | S1 E8

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  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E7

    8.9.2022 #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | Balance: Can we really have it all? | S1 E7

    Lloyd Freeman, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney explains how he manages his busy life and maintains a work-life balance

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  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E6

    8.2.2022 #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey: Execute: How do we get it done??? S1 E6

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  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E4

    7.19.2022 #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey: Resilience - We fall down, but we get up ... | s1 E4

    Former professional basketball player, CEO of Pro Level Training and National Director of Nike Basketball Camp shares how resiliency helped him pivot and recover from tragic experiences in his life an...

  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E3

    7.12.2022 #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey: The plan ... Do you have one laid out to facilitate the monumental changes you are looking to make in your life?

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  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E2

    Feeling a little iffy about the direction you're going in life or about your next professional move? Well we all get that feeling now and again. In this week's episode of #ThePivot, Stephanie Humphrey talks with Dr. Brandi Baldwin, CEO of Millennial Ventures Holdings about overcoming uncertainty ...

  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey | S1 E1

    Series premiere of #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey

    Dr. George James talks about how your vision and mindset can help you pivot and take your life in a new exciting direction.

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  • #ThePivot w/ Stephanie Humphrey

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